Microsoft SQL database fundamentals
Level: Beginner to Intermediate - Self Paced Training

Learn the fundamentals of SQL as you build a database for a fictitious hardware store. See exactly how to build a database and the methods used to extract meaningful information via queries, stored procedures, scalar functions and views. 

The course was written by a senior SQL developer at a major global company and is based on skills and practices used on a daily basis, rather than classroom theory. This is the ideal training course if you need to learn SQL for a job interview in a short space of time, or need practical real world examples of a SQL database in use.

More than just 1024x768 resolution videos, the course includes over 60 pages of step by step documentation.

Lesson topics include:

0 - Installing SQL Server Express
1 - Creating Your First Database
2 - Creating Stored Procedures
3 - Foreign Key Relationships
4 - Insert Statements, Joins & Diagrams
5 - Queries With Aggregate Functions
6 - Scalar & Inline Table Functions
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