Microsoft SQL Database Fundamentals
Everything you need to add SQL to your CV.
Level: Beginner to Intermediate - Self Paced Training

Learn to build a SQL database for a fictitious hardware store, starting with customers, then adding products and orders, finishing with stock control. You will be shown how to create queries to extract useful information, such as ‘who is my best customer’ or ‘what is my best selling product’. Works with the FREE Microsoft SQL Server Express 2008 or 2012. 

Written by a senior SQL developer at a major global company, the course is based on practices used on a daily basis, rather than classroom theory. This is the ideal training course if you need to learn SQL for a job interview in a short space of time, or need practical examples of a SQL database in use.

Features 1:1 1024x768 resolution videos and detailed step by step documentation.
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Lesson topics include:

0 - Installing SQL Server Express
1 - Creating Your First Database
2 - Creating Stored Procedures
3 - Foreign Key Relationships
4 - Insert Statements, Joins & Diagrams
5 - Queries With Aggregate Functions
6 - Scalar & Inline Table Functions

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'this is fabulous for those who need a kick start on SQL'
Maurice Manning
Technical Product Trainer @ Digital Mirage

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Getting Started
Installing SQL Server Express

You will need to first install Microsoft SQL Server Express 2008 or 2012 with Management Tools, download for free from the Microsoft Download Center.

Lesson 2
Creating Stored Procedures

Tutorial includes: creating and executing insert, update, delete, select
stored procedures and more.

Lesson 4
Insert Statements / Database Diagrams

Tutorial includes: sql queries with joins, modifying tables with the database diagram and more.

Lesson 6
Scalar & Inline Table Functions

Tutorial includes: creating scaler & inline table functions, using functions
in sql queries and more.
Lesson 1
Creating Your First Database

Tutorial includes: creating a new table, setting a primary key, setting an
identity column and more.

Lesson 3
Foreign Key Relationships

Tutorial includes: creating relationships between tables, creating a database diagram and more.

Lesson 5
Select Queries / Aggregate Functions

Tutorial includes: working with views, creating sql queries with aggregate
functions and more.

PDF user guide
PDF user guide
Step by step PDF documentation allows you to refer back to the course without needing to watch the videos again! 

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